Qualifying Examination

The ABP Qualifying Examination is a one-day  (5 hour seat time) examination offered on two days at Pearson Vue regional testing centers.  The American Board of Periodontology (ABP) will attempt administration of the Qualifying Examination as scheduled.  Should the ABP cancel the Qualifying Examination or be prevented from appropriately administering the examination at the appointed time and location, the ABP will not be responsible for any expense of the candidate in connection with the Qualifying Examination and any subsitute Qualifying Examination.  Prespective candidates are encouraged to download and review the ABP Guidelines for Certification.

Applying for the 2014 ABP Qualifying Examination

Examination Dates Offered:  August 25 and August 26

Application Deadline:  June 15, 2014 (must be received by Board office)

2014 Qualifying Exam Application

Candidates will receive written notification of application approval from ABP in order to register with Pearson Vue.  Candidate approval for registration will be delivered to Pearson Vue a few days after candidate application is approved by ABP.   Candidate's will not be able to schedule their exam seat time with a testing center until Pearson receives candidate approval information from ABP.

Download the Application Form  which consists of the ABP Qualifying Examination Application Form, ABP Qualifying Examination Attestation Form, and the ABP Qualifying Examination Credentials Form.  All documents must be signed and dated and all questions answered.  Evidence of successful completion of an ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation accredited program in periodontics must be submitted with the application.  This consists of a copy of the applicants certificate or an official letter signed by the Program Director that specifies "successful completion of an education program in Periodontology which is accredited by the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Candidates unable to obtain verification of successful completion of their program due to reasearch requirements (M.S., M.S.D.) , or clinical requirements, must have their Program Director submit the following statement with the Program Director's signature, "It is anticipated that Dr. _________ will satisfy all requirements and successfully complete the program in Periodontics prior to the ABP Qualifying Examination".  Under these circumstances candidates will be permitted to take the ABP Qualifying Examination and receive their results.  HOWEVER, candidates must submit evidence of successful completion of their program (certificate or letter stating they HAVE successfully completed their program signed by BOTH the Program Director and Dean (or equivalent administrative officer) before applying for and taking the Oral Examination.

Mail the completed Qualifying Examination application to the Board office, along with the accompanying documents and examination fee of $450.00. The completed application, credentials, and fee MUST be received in the Board office by June 15, 2014 .

Registering for the ABP Qualifying Exam at a Testing Center

Approved candidates for the ABP Qualifying Examination MUST receive written notification from the Board office before contacting Pearson Vue.  Candidate approval for registration will be delivered to Pearson Vue a few days after candidate application is approved by ABP.   Candidate's will not be able to schedule their exam seat time with a testing center until Pearson receives candidate approval information from ABP.  Approved candidates will receive instructions on how to register to take the exam at the candidate's chosen testing center along with required candidate's number needed for registration. All reservations are on a first-come-first served basis; placement at some centers may be in high demand.   After registration with Pearson Vue is complete candidate will receive a confirmation letter via email or postal mail.  Candidates are required to bring the Pearson Vue confirmation letter with them to the testing center on the day of their exam along with two (2) VALID FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION.  Both forms must be in the candidate's name, as it appears on the confirmation letter, must have the candidate's signature and, at least one of them must have a photo of the candidate.  Candidates should arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled exam appointment time to give adequate time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures.  Candidates will be required to review, sign, and agree to follow the Pearson Vue Candidate Rules Agreement. 

ABP Qualifying Examination Format and Content

The ABP Qualifying Examination is administered as a computer-based test at Pearson Vue testing centers, in association with Measurement Research Associates, Inc. The Web site of Measurement Research Associates has general information about computer based testing and answers to frequently asked questions, as well as practice taking the exam using the Computer Based Testing Tutorial.  The examination is a  multiple-choice test that covers a broad range of information relating to the science and art of periodontology.  View the Qualifying Examination Outline  subject areas that include basic sciences, oral medicine, oral pathology, periodontal histology and pathology, periodontal literature, epidemiology/statistics and clinical practice. 

ABP Qualifying Examination Scoring

Evaluation of performance on the examination is criterion based and done in consultation with Measurement Research Associates, Inc. The Board's Executive Director will send examination results to each candidate. Examination questions are not released, and all questions are copyrighted by the American Board of Periodontology.  Candidates who fail the exam may discuss results with the Executive Director by calling the Board office at 410-647-1324 for an appointment.

Candidate Withdrawal from the ABP Qualifying Exam

Candidates who request to withdraw from the ABP Qualifying Examiantion with valid reason and have paid the Examiantion Fee must submit their request to withdraw in wrting to the Board office prior to 24 hours of the exam date.   At the time of withdrawal candidates may request to keep their application on file for the next date the ABP Qualifying Examination will be administered by submitting the request in writing along with the required $150.00 re-application fee.  The $150.00 re-application fee should be paid at the time written notice is submitted.  The reapplication fee must be paid no later that October31st of the year of withdrawal. 

No-Show Candidates for the ABP Qualifying Exam

Candidates who fail to appear for a scheduled test with Pearson Vue Testing Centers, who arrive more than fifteen minutes after the scheduled test start time and cannot be accommodated at the testing center, or who cancel a test less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled test start time will void their application status and must restart the application process by submitting a new completed application, attestation, credential forms, and fee of $450 to the Board office.

Candidates who may need to withdrawal from the ABP Qualifying Exam should notify the Board office in writing and include a reapplication fee of $150 to keep their application on file for the following year examination.

Notification of ABP Qualifying Exam Results

Candidates will be notified of the results within 4-6 weeks following completion of the exam period. The Board’s Executive Director will send examination results in writing to the candidate by postal mail. Candidates are solely responsible for notifying the Board office of any change in mailing address, to ensure the timely delivery of results. Candidates must not telephone the Board office for examination results. Examination results will not be provided over the phone, by facsimile, or email.