Diplomates in Active status are required to submit a statement of compliance of continuing education requirements and other professional activities directed toward maintaining current knowledge and competence in periodontics to meet Recertification requirements. 

Beginning May 2013 candidates who successfully complete the Oral Examination will be awarded time-limited certificates of six (6) years.  Diplomate must complete Recertification in the sixth year or lose Diplomate status and will be required to begin the certification process again.  A one year extension period to complete Recertification may be requested due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. severe illness, etc).  Requests will be reviewed by the Directors for approval. Ultimately, granting of a one year extension is at the sole discretion of the Directors.

Diplomates who were awarded certificates prior to May 2013 will continue to have certificates which are not time limited.  Diplomates certified prior to 2013 who fail to complete the Recertification process on time will result in the individual’s Diplomate status being placed into “Suspended” status during which time the individual cannot claim to be “Board Certified”. This “Suspended” status will remain in place until the individual completes the Recertification process and is returned to Active Diplomate status.  During this time the individual will not be recognized as and cannot claim to be a Board-Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology.  Request for a one year extension to complete the recertification requirement may be requested.

The year recertification is due, the Board will send the Diplomate a copy of the Recertification Form , which must be completed and returned to the Board office by December 31 of that year to verify that recertification requirements have been met.

Diplomates are required to meet BOTH of the following and complete the Recertifcation Attestation Statement:

  • Completion of the self assessment Self-Study Recertification Program (SSRP)  the year recertification is due . The SSRP is a self assessment program not a pass/fail exam.  No study time is required before completing the SSRP.  The suggested reading list for the 2014 SSRP can be viewed by clicking on the Resource tab on the recertication page.  
  • Completion of at least 60 points of continuing education credit.

The continuing education ABP Self-Study Recertification Program  (SSRP) is a Self-Study Assessment Program not a pass/fail examination.   The SSRP must be completed by Diplomate the year Diplomate's recertification requirement is due; (i.e. if Diplomates recertification is due 12/31/14 SSRP should be completed in 2014).

The program is avialable to you for 48 hours.  If you do not complete the program in 48 hrs it will no longer be available to you. 

The program is 50 multiple choice questions and most complete it in 1 hr. 

The SSRP is purchased online from our Resource pages on this website. 

The cost of the SSRP is $90.    

Diplomates who are required to meet recertification in the year 2014 can assessed the program after January 1, 2014.  CLICK ON the RESOURCE tab on the top header of this page, then CLICK on SELF STUDY RECERTIFICATION PROGRAM

On the SSRP Home page, CLICK ON “PURCHASE TODAY.”  The next page will ask you to enter your email address and create a password; continue to follow the prompts.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT can be accessed by CLICKING on the 'HELP' tab located in the bottom corner of any open page of the SSRP or by calling 410-889-2200.  Callers should refer to the ABP Self Study Recertification Program when contacting technical support.

Upon completion of the SSRP on line the computer program will generate a report  with what questions were answered correctly and what questions were incorrectly answered.  The SSRP is not a pass/fail programOnly the Diplomate who has completed the program receives this information.  The Board office does not receive this information.    Upon completion of the SSRP Diplomates may refer to the SSRP suggested reading list to reasearch questions that were answered incorrectly by clicking on the Resource tab on this page. 

Continuing Education Activities Record keeping and reporting of the accumulation of points remains the responsibility of the Diplomate. The Board does not require Diplomates to submit proof of attainment of points for any of the above activities.

Points may be accumulated in the following ways:

 60 Point criteria for continuing education credits activities of one-half (1/2) day or shorter (4 hrs or less) will earn one-half (1/2) point; one (1) point may be counted for activities longer than a half day, (over 4 hrs up to a full day).  




Attendance at the American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting


Attendance at a national or international multiple day meeting that are within the scope of periodontics*


Completion in the year Diplomate Recertification is due of the on-line ABP Self Study Recertification Program

(2) per day

Attendance at Regional or Local Meetings either National or International devoted to topics within the scope of periodontics*

(2) per day

Attendance at conferences related to tropics within the scope of periodontics* sponsored by a University or the American Academy of Periodontology

(2) per day

Courses taken applicable to topics within the scope of periodontics*

(4) per day

Courses given related to topics within the scope of periodontics*


Courses taken online related to topics within the scope of periodontics*


Publication, as primary author in ; a) National and/or International Journal  (those listed in index of Dental Literature; b) Book Chapter(s)


Publication as primary author in State Dental Journals


Publication as secondary author

(1) per day

Teaching – a maximum of fourteen points during a six year period credited for teaching





Scope of Periodontics: Periodontics is that specialty of dentistry which encompasses the prevention diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes and the maintenance of the health, function and esthetics of these structures.




Record keeping and reporting of the accumulation of points remains the responsibility of the Diplomate. The Board requires Diplomates to sign statement of attainment on the Attestation Form provided at the time of recertification.