Board Composition

The Board consists of elected Directors who are active or life members of the American Academy of Periodontology and Diplomates of the ABP. They serve for staggered five year terms and hold office for no more than one term. Directors are elected by mail ballot sent to all voting members of the Academy from a slate of candidates chosen by the Academy's Nominating Committee for the American Board of Periodontology or nominated by petition in accordance with the Academy's Bylaws. The election procedures are governed by the provisions set forth in Chapter II, Section 7 of the Academy's Bylaws. Each Director holds office until a successor is elected and installed, or until such Director's earlier death, resignation or removal.

Directors of The American Board of Periodontology
Charles A. Powell, DDS, MS, President (2022)
Robert Faiella, DMD, MMSc, Vice President (2023)
Craig Yonemura, DDS, MS, Secretary/Treasurer (2025)
David E. Deas, DMD, MS (2022)
Charles A. Powell, DDS, MS (2022)
Joe Krayer, DDS, MS (2023)
Rodrigo Neiva, DDS, MS (2024)
Angela "Toula" Palaiologou-Gallis, DDS, MS (2024)
Paul Luepke, DDS, MS (2025)
Richard T. Kao, DDS, PhD (2026)
Leena Bahl Palomo, DDS, MSD (2026)
Robert M. Eber, DDS, MS, Immediate Past Chair (2022)

History of Board Chairpersons 1939 - Present
1939-1955: Dr. Arthur Merritt
1955-1958: Dr. Harold Leonard
1958-1962: Dr. Maynard Hine
1962-1970: Dr. Henry Swenson
1970-1976: Dr. Timothy O’Leary
1976-1983: Dr. Gerald Bowers
1983-1984: Dr. Richard Chace
1984-1985: Dr. R. Earl Robinson
1985-1986: Dr. Abram Chasens
1986-1987: Dr. Daniel Grant      
1987-1988: Dr. Anthony Gargiulo
1988-1989: Dr. Phillip Hoag
1989-1990: Dr. O. Walter Donnenfeld
1990-1991: Dr. Dan Loughlin
1991-1992: Dr. Erwin Barrington
1992-1993: Dr. Raymond Yukna
1993-1994: Dr. Jack Caton and Dr. James Mellonig
1994-1995: Dr. William Ammons and Dr. William Killoy
1995-1996: Dr. Roland Dr. Meffert
1996-1997: Dr. Myron Nevins
1997-1998: Dr. J. Gary Maynard
1998-1999: Dr. John Bergquist and Dr. Everett B. Hancock            
1999-2000: Dr. Burton Becker and Dr. David Vandersall  
2000-2001: Dr. Leslie Salkin and Dr. Paul Tannenbaum
2001-2002: Dr. Donald Adams
2002-2003: Dr. Terry Rees
2003-2004: Dr. Robert Ferris
2004-2005: Dr. Gary Reiser and Dr. Edwin Rosenberg
2005-2006: Dr. Connie Drisko and Dr. Thomas Waldrop
2006-2007: Dr. Kent Palcanis and Dr. Robert Schoor
2007-2008: Dr. Gerald Drury
2008-2009: Dr. Michael Mills
2009-2010: Dr. Cary Shapoff and Dr. Hom-Lay Wang
2010-2011: Dr. Henry Greenwell and Dr. Louis Rose
2011-2012: Dr. Brian Mealey and Dr. Georgia Johnson
2012-2013: Dr. Thomas Kepic and Dr. Robert Sabatini
2013-2014: Dr. Bryan Pearson
2014-2015: Dr. Steven Blanchard
2015-2016: Dr. Michael McGuire and Dr. Mark Reynolds
2016-2017: Dr.  Vincent Iacono and Dr. Jeffrey Rossmann
2017-2018: Dr. Paul Levi and Dr. Jose Mellado
2018-2019: Dr. Leslie Batnick and Dr. Joseph Califano
2019-2020: Dr. Donald S. Clem, III 
2020-2021 Dr. Robert M. Eber                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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