Guidelines for Certification

How to Apply:

Prospective candidates should download and review the ABP Guidelines for Certification that can be downloaded from this page under 'useful links & documents'.  Prospective candidates will need to complete the ABP Qualifying Examination Application Form, ABP Qualifying Examination Attestation Form, and ABP Qualifying Examination Credentials Form.  Make sure all documents are signed and dated and all questions are answered.  The Application, Attestation, Credentials Form and evidence of completion of an accredited program must accompany the application fee of Four Hundred and Fifty Dollars and must be received by the Board office by June 15th. 

Evidence of successful completion of an ADA accredited program in Periodontics must be submitted with your application.  This consists of a copy of your certificate or an official letter signed by the program director AND the Dean (or equivalent administrative officer) that specifies “successful completion of an educational program in Periodontology, which is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation”. Candidates unable to obtain verification of successful completion of their program due to research requirements (M.S., M.S.D.) or clinical requirements must have their program director submit the following statement “ It is anticipated that Dr. ___________ will satisfy all requirements and successfully complete the program in Periodontics prior to the ABP Qualifying Examination”.  Under these circumstances candidates will be permitted to take the ABP Qualifying Examination and receive their results.  However, candidates must submit evidence of successful completion of their program (certificate or letter stating they HAVE successfully completed their program signed by their Program Director and Dean or equivalent administrative officer) before applying for and taking the Oral Examination.

Oral Examination Eligibility Period

Candidates who successfully (pass) complete the Qualifying Examination will be considered Eligible to apply for the Oral Examination for the next two full-year cycles of the Oral Examination. During this time the oral examination process must be completed unless an eligibility extension is granted.

Requests for Eligibility Extension

Requests for eligibility extensions may be made in writing to the Board office. Requests must be received by October 31st of the year prior to eligibility expiration; i.e. If eligibility expires in 2021, extension request must be received by October 31, 2020.   A maximum of one request will be considered by the Board.  

Requests will be granted only when in the Board's judgment the candidate was prevented from taking the Oral Examination by extenuating circumstances. The Executive Director can approve extensions for qualified candidates without Board action.   Questionable requests will be considered by the Board. 

At any time candidates may restart the eligibility period by retaking and passing the Qualifying Examination.

Candidates who fail the Oral Examination in the last year of eligibility, will be required to restart the Certification  process by retaking and successfully completing the Qualifying Examination.

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